Dev & Design/UX

Selected examples of development, design, & QA testing.

Contract, MerchantCantos, London & WFH

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AJAX result list with data from Umbraco JSON API. Included a Persian LTR version.
Combo of vanilla JS and jQ:
Old-school type namespaced JS module - required to work with existing site patterns.

Contract, Something, London

HTML/SCSS/SVG - building out pages from Sketch designs within an existing codebase, from one initial page to eventual site structure:

Freelance & Contract, CNN, London & WFH

Development and QA testing. On-site and remote based rolling contract for CNN Create team.

  • LG Signature: Campaign microsite for LG.
    SCSS/BEM/Bootstrap; ScrollMagic; plyr (html5 video); Vanilla JS & jQuery.

  • India's Energy Challenge: Campaign microsite for BP (aka Burning Planet).
    SCSS/BEM, Zurb Foundation CLI build.
    Lottie animations and CNN top-bar are 3rd-party integrated assets.

  • QA testing (manual) and Jira board management for a range of Drupal and static/non-cms sites.

Contract: Bryter Digital, Canterbury

Design (Sketch) and Development of data dashboards and microsites.


Designs for creative industries web portal Kent Makers, and photographic and film lighting company Pro Lighting.

Design & develop

Design and static front end Dashboard build, using AdminLTE for the Fire Door Inspection Scheme (FDIS) Diploma course.

Design & develop

Design and front end WordPress themeing build for FDIS Fire Door Watch scheme.

Private freelance - self-generated work:

  • sharasymowicz.com2010 - present
    Artist' portfolio. Foundation 6 cli build; design and layout in conjunction with the artist.
    Currently in rebuild as a PWA with Nuxt and Netlify CMS.

  • snowandtrek-morzine.com2004 - present
    Ski and Summer accommodation / hosting company in the French Alps, 2003 - present.
    Design, development, hosting, CMS training.
    Foundation 6 cli build; MODX CMS; CPanel hosting.

  • kittyarden.com2011 - present
    Artist and clothing designer' portfolio, including ecommerce from Paypal.
    Foundation 6 cli build; design and layout in conjunction with the artist.

    Freelance commission for audio project based on the city of Peterborough.
    Design, development, hosting.
    Howler.js audio library; Foundation 6 cli build.